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Our goal is to offer clients tailored knowledge and skills to meet their specific needs, whether they're starting out or already established.

Concept for OBS or ASC
Feasibility Design & Build
Licensure Certification Accreditation
Staffing First Cases Management
Operational Efficiencies Business Office
Membership Education Mentorship
Networking Leadership

Ambulatory Surgery Center Development

Custom Surgical's experienced team will guide your dream of building an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) from its initial concept to completion to your first cases and beyond. Our consultants have experience in all specialties and have served as administration for centers. We understand the importance of creating an efficient operational flow in the design process that will save time and money for years to come. Let our financial team review your numbers to determine feasibility and acceptable scope for your project. As in our name, we will customize our services to suit your needs. Please review our Ambulatory Surgery Center Development page for more information and contact us to discuss your project today.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Management

Custom Surgical offers its years of professional experience to assist centers in management. We offer several different management services starting from interim contracts to full-service administration. Our consultants have experience in all specialties and can affect positive change to your bottom line. We have been doing this for over 20 years as a company. For interim management contracts, we can help with the recruitment of your next administrator or clinical manager. Please review our Ambulatory Surgery Center Management page for more information and contact us today to discuss your needs.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Compliance

Custom Surgical offers its vast knowledge and depth of experience, understanding both CMS regulations and the standards for accreditation. Our compliance packages are very popular. Boasting hundreds of successful inspections to date, our accreditation assurance system is tried and true. Custom Surgical's compliance software is user-friendly and will keep you in the know in real time with direct access to our consultants. These compliance packages can be tailored to suit your needs with onsite visits and video conferencing. Please click on our compliance page in the services section to learn more and call us today to help ensure you are always inspection ready!

Education, Networking and Resources

Custom Surgical's education platform at ASC, boasts a complete line of corporate compliance education that your staff need both upon hire and annually. We make education seamless and can track when your employees are due. Your team can take their courses from anywhere. Custom Surgical also offers courses approved by BASC provider #0249 for AEUs and IPCHs that will keep you up to date with your CASC and CAIP credential requirements and additional infection control training requirements. The platform includes a membership site with all resources you could possibly need in the daily operations of a center. Finally, collaborate with other centers and colleagues using our forum. It is a wonderful community! Scroll on the ASC (blue button) at the top to learn more. Contact us for a demo and discussion. This may also be tailored to suit your needs.

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