Thinking of building an ambulatory surgery center (ASC)? Let Custom Surgical Consultants’ knowledgeable team guide you through the process. We offer turn-key packages that save you time, money and stress. We will also help you determine the scope and needs of your project. If your state requires a CON, we can assist in that process as well. ASC development occurs in several stages from the ground up, including:


First things first: can you afford this endeavor? Developing an ambulatory surgery center is an involved and costly process, and it’s important to make sure that all of your financial considerations are accounted for ahead of time. Custom Surgical will analyze your volume and calculate your numbers to determine feasibility, so that you can make an informed decision before beginning an ASC project.


Our team are administrators, currently working in the outpatient surgery industry. We know firsthand what works and what does not. With regards to ambulatory surgery center design and ASC development, our goal is to make your facility – including the ASC – efficient from the start.


Our extensive experience has afforded us many ASC-related professional relationships over the years. This translates into savings for you. We have a proven system for negotiating the cost of surgical equipment which allows us to obtain the best pricing, whether you are looking for new or refurbished equipment. Our team offers this experience and collaborates with you to enhance your expertise.


Our team has collectively completed hundreds of successful surgery center inspections. We have policy and procedure manuals and all documentation necessary to operate an ASC. Custom Surgical stays up-to-date with all the standards and regulations and knows what surveyors are looking for and prepares the team and facility for a successful start.


Finally, Custom Surgical recognizes that performing surgeries is what this endeavor is all about. That said, we help to ensure your first cases go smoothly. We can be as involved with your ASC development as you want us to be and customize our packages accordingly. CSC offers management packages as well as compliance packages.