Thinking of building an ambulatory surgery center (ASC)? Let our knowledgeable team navigate you through this process. We offer turn-key packages that will expedite this endeavor. Our project management team has extensive experience keeping timelines and budgets. Our specialists will determine the scope and assist in vetting all major vendors, such as the design and construction teams.

If your state requires a CON, we can assist and guide you through those steps.

Our Project management for ASC development occurs in stages and includes:


Our team will analyze your numbers to determine if this project is feasible based on projections for the build-out, case revenue, and applicable expenses. We will provide projections over 5 years, so you know what to expect and can plan accordingly. This analysis will help to determine appropriate options that will best suit your needs affording you the best in educated decision-making. Our team will assist you in developing the strategic plan that will set you apart from your competition.


Our consultants were administrators of centers and still provide management oversight in the outpatient surgery industry. Our designs are created from experience. An efficient design will save time and money. The patient encounter is also a major consideration in the design process. We want their experience to be seamless from admission to discharge. Let our team bring forth a combination of efficiency and modernness to your new ambulatory surgery center.


Capital Equipment

Our extensive experience has afforded us many ASC-related professional relationships. This translates into savings for you. We have a proven system for negotiating the cost of capital equipment allowing us to obtain the best pricing. We work with vendors offering new or refurbished equipment.


Having the right billing company from day one is paramount. ASCs are different from medical practices and therefore require another level of expertise. Over our 20 years of service, we have met many businesses that we feel comfortable introducing to our clients. Billing is one of the most important vendors to partner with, let our team guide you.


Marketing is another important aspect for your ASC, whether it be De Novo, a partnership, or HOPD, you want to get your name out there and be recognized as a center of excellence. We have worked with proven marketers over the years.

All other ASC Vendors

Our team has contracted with many national vendors over the years, from fire safety, linen, medical waste, bio-med, and med gases, to name a few. We can guide you through this process to vet and negotiate vendor contracts that not only will provide the best prices but the best customer service as well.


Our team has collectively completed hundreds of successful regulatory and accreditation inspections. We have surveyors on staff and over two decades of experience navigating the process. Your team will be prepared to be successful. We provide all pertinent policies and procedures including all the documentation necessary to efficiently operate the ASC and offer a whole host of resources for your team.


Custom Surgical recognizes that performing surgeries is central to the goal. Our plan for you, as the surgeon, is to feel confident from the very first cases performed. We partner with your team to prepare them for providing the very best in practices to deliver your mission and vision in providing the highest standards of patient care. Our team offers management, compliance, and education packages to provide support through the first year of cases and beyond.


Custom Surgical Consultants offer a complete educational platform for your team’s corporate compliance training, infection control contact hours, and a membership site and forum. Our compliance program is offered online so that you are always in the know with a real-time dashboard and task list. Additionally, we have several programs to train your administrator and nurse manager, mentoring and coaching programs are also available. Our designated programs are also approved for AEUs and IPCHs for the CASC and CAIP credentials respectively. Visit ASCSUPPORT.ONLINE for more information or learn more on our website under the blue ASC SUPPORT ONLINE button. We offer quick and easy demos.


Is there a fee to perform the feasibility study?

Yes, there is a fee to perform the analysis, however, if you decide to move forward with Custom Surgical’s services, this fee is credited to our overall service fees for the project.

How long with the feasibility study take to get the results?

Once all the necessary information is provided to our team, we can turn around the analysis typically within two weeks. Our team will go over a list of needs and assist you with how to get the necessary information.

How long does it take to build out a surgery center?

It can take upwards of 18 months to 2 years now from concept to completion. This process varies on how quickly your state processes new applications to build an ASC, how quickly from concept to construction docs take, how quickly the building permits may be obtained, and if there are any supply chain issues, such as currently with doors and generators, etc. We will give you the latest options to avoid long delays. Some delays will be out of anyone’s control. Our experienced team will be able to advise you ahead of time on what to expect. And certainly, our goal will be to get this done as quickly and efficiently as possible.