CSC is great! We have had the opportunity of working with over the past several years and are always there to support! Highly recommend!

Lori N.

CSC takes all the worry out of running a Surgery Center and lets us focus on patient care. They ensure we are ready for audits, inspections, etc. and are there with us during the process.

Judi C.

It has been a great experience so far, working with this organization. They have been consultants for our Endoscopy Center for the past several years.

Naresh K.

Custom Surgical Consultants is one of the best decisions our practice has made. If you have an ASC, your life will be easier and more peaceful with the help of CSC.

CVL Veins

My company has been contracted with CSC for nearly a decade. Their personalized service is second to none. The staff at CSC go over and above to maximize results and improve efficiencies. Highly recommend.

Greg A.

Laurel Foot and Ankle Surgery Center

“The team at Custom Surgical has rose up to our challenges and delivered the right product solutions for Laurel Foot and Ankle Surgery Center Inc. They have exceeded our every expectation and we would highly recommend them for any surgical facility especially in today’s regulatory environment.”

Dr. Frank Smith
Laurel Foot and Ankle Surgery Center, Inc.

Improving Care

Custom Surgical Consultants have improved our ability to provide patient-centered improvements in care to our center, as well as offering a simplified approach to the often overwhelming administrative aspects of operating an ASC.

Naresh Khanna, MD
Endoscopy Center of Essex

Facilitated the Process

Tina and Mike saved our Surgery center. Tina and Mike came in and credentialed and passed all inspections with no problems. We had hired multiple consultants who were unsuccessful prior to finding Tina and Mike. They facilitated the process and made it simple to follow and maintain for our staff. Not only were they instrumental in the initial set up but they continue to be an integral part of the process and they are a wonderful resource. Tina and Mike are always available and are so easy to work with. I can’t say enough and I am eternally grateful to work with such amazing professionals.

Yenisey Yanes, DPM
Frederick Foot and Ankle ASC

The Best

From Implementation to compliance, Custom Surgical Consultants are experts & “Leave no stone unturned”. Tina and Mike are exceptional.

In every detail of their specialty, they are up to date with all state & federal regulations pertaining to our surgicenter & inspections are never stressful and in fact are a breeze. I highly recommend them to any surgical center who requires the best.

Samuel Beiter, DPM
Samuel D Beitler, Ambulatory Surgical Center

Stellar Service

“Custom Surgical helped us with our efficiencies and within the first year, we charted a 17% increase to our bottom line. We highly recommend their services.”

Greg Allen
Practice Administrator
Delmar Surgical Center

Second to None!

“Custom Surgical has been our managing company now for 16 years and we couldn’t be happier. Our staff is happy and so is our bottom line. Professional and knowledgeable. “

Dr. Jonathan Seidenberg, Owner
Mid-Atlantic Surgery Pavilion
Aberdeen, Maryland

Very Knowledgeable

Tina and Mike are knowledgeable, professional, and on-point! AAAHC was a breeze. They manage my facility and for a minimal fee, make sure everything is good! Would recommend them to everyone.

Matthew Karen, MD
Exclusively Faces Operating Room
Winchester, VA

Superior Service

Tina with Custom Surgical was instrumental in getting our center through inspections and accreditation. We have kept Custom Surgical on to mentor our new Administrator / Director and we are very pleased with her service.

Pam Bronson
Practice Administrator, Access Ambulatory Surgery Center
Auburn, NH