Have you considered developing an Office-based Surgery Suite right in your practice? Doing so would allow you to perform your cases on your own terms giving you the opportunity to capture more revenue and have more control over your schedule.

Custom Surgical Consultants can help bring this idea into focus. We have developed several office-based surgery suites across the country. We can help you determine the scope of your project by performing a feasibility study and creating a concept within your current floorplan.


After a review of your current floorplan or available square footage, we will determine if there are any renovation requirements. Our team will strategically plan the most efficient way to create this new entity. Our ability to be creative in design while still meeting all the standards for patient care and regulations is stellar. This ability will save you on expenses while creating a new revenue stream.


Capital Equipment

Our extensive experience has afforded us many ASC-related professional relationships. This translates into savings for you. We have a proven system for negotiating the cost of capital equipment allowing us to obtain the best pricing. We work with vendors offering new or refurbished equipment.


Having the right billing company from day one is paramount. ASCs are different from medical practices and therefore require another level of expertise. Over our 20 years of service, we have met many businesses that we feel comfortable introducing to our clients. Billing is one of the most important vendors to partner with, let our team guide you.


Marketing is another important aspect for your ASC, whether it be De Novo, a partnership, or HOPD, you want to get your name out there and be recognized as a center of excellence. We have worked with proven marketers over the years.

All other ASC Vendors

Our team has contracted with many national vendors over the years, from fire safety, linen, medical waste, bio-med, and med gases, to name a few. We can guide you through this process to vet and negotiate vendor contracts that not only will provide the best prices but the best customer service as well.


All states have their own regulations regarding office-based surgery. We will assist you through the process and provide the necessary policies and procedures required by your state.

If required, Custom Surgical Consultants will assist you through any licensure and/or accreditation process as our team has performed hundreds of successful surveys.


Custom Surgical will assist in the smooth transition and launch of your first surgical cases. We understand that in the office-based setting, your employees will be wearing multiple hats. We can provide the necessary support and guidance offering packages from management to compliance, we will be by your side.


Custom Surgical Consultants offer a complete educational platform for your team’s corporate compliance training, infection control contact hours, and a membership site and forum. Our compliance program is offered online so that you are always in the know with a real-time dashboard and task list. Additionally, we have several programs to train your administrator and nurse manager, mentoring and coaching programs are also available. Our designated programs are also approved for AEUs and IPCHs for the CASC and CAIP credentials respectively. Visit ASCSUPPORT.ONLINE for more information or learn more on our website under the blue ASC SUPPORT ONLINE button. We offer quick and easy demos.


Can I convert my current in-office procedure room to an office-based surgery suite?

Yes, our team can help design an office-based surgery suite in your existing location. Quite often, this can be done with minimal construction and impact on your facility.

Can you help me create an office-based suite in my state so that I can deliver minimal sedation?

Yes, our team can review your state laws with you and review your plans to determine the best options to achieve what you are looking to do with your surgical patients.

Is it worth it to do an office-based surgery suite?

Most often, yes! It is very worth it. It not only allows you to capture more revenue, but it will allow you to exert more control over your patients’ experience and your schedule. It can be an easy win-win.

I have a new space where I would like to build an office-based surgery suite – can you assist with this?

Yes, our team can design an office-based suite designed specifically for your specialty and with your budget in mind.

Does your team have extensive experience with office-based surgery suites?

Yes, Custom Surgical has been building in-office surgery suites for 20 years. We have done all specialties, with a heavy concentration in ophthalmology and plastic surgery. Our experienced team has worked in every specialty and can assist in this process.