You are up and running, now what? CSC developed a compliance plan package that easily ensures your facility maintains compliance with both Medicare and your accrediting organization. Our system is very user-friendly. We would be happy to introduce you to our system.

Our policy and procedure manual is an accreditation assurance system. Developed to ensure and easily maintain compliance with the standards.

We offer “Continued Compliance” packages that are affordable. We also have a membership subscription site that is focused on education and documents you can use to run an ASC. If you are a Continued Compliance client, you will automatically receive updates to the policy and procedure manual.


Our team is constantly helping centers through inspections. We have it down to a science. We can perform a complete assessment to determine strengths and areas in need of improvement.
Custom Surgical can prepare your team for the compliance process and ensure a successful survey.


Want a second opinion prior to your survey? Custom Surgical can perform a mock survey to ensure your readiness. This is included as part of our survey prep, but can also be done independently. You will be successful!