Custom Surgical Consultants offer a host of compliance packages. These are some of our most popular plans. We have a software system that easily assists your facility in maintaining compliance. Our system is very user-friendly. We would be happy to introduce you to our system. This would include compliance with CMS, State, and Accrediting requirements.

We offer “Continued Compliance” packages that are affordable, and we can perform onsite visits 6, 4, or 2 times a year depending on your needs.


With our software and policies and procedures, you are afforded an accreditation assurance system. This software allows the client to see in real-time where they stand with keeping up with accreditation and provides a direct line with our consultants.


Our education platform is stellar offering ASC Corporate Compliance that covers all the necessary upon hire and annual training. We are an approved AEU and IPCH BASC provider and offer many courses throughout the year to assist in training your administrator, nurse manager, or team member. Approved courses will be designated and offer immediate certificates, allowing you to claim either AEUs or IPCHs that are required for the CASC and CAIP credentials, respectively.

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Additionally, we offer a membership subscription that boasts education, policies, procedures, how-to guides, resources, and documents. Everything you need to run your center is at your fingertips. Continued Compliance clients, automatically receive updates to the policy and procedure manual whenever new standards or regulations are introduced. Finally, we offer a collaborative site where you can network with other ASC leadership and team members.


Our team constantly helps centers through inspections. We have it down to a science. We can perform a complete assessment to determine strengths and areas in need of improvement. Custom Surgical Consultants can prepare your team for the compliance process and ensure a successful survey.

Our team will assess and provide you with a comprehensive report on your needs along with solutions and recommendations to achieve a higher level of efficiency.


Want a second opinion prior to your survey?

Custom Surgical Consultants can perform a mock survey to ensure your readiness. This is included as part of our survey prep and can also be done independently. You will be successful! Our team is well versed in the latest inspector focus and frequently found deficiencies.


If you are performing in-house credentialing for providers, this can be a daunting task. Our Director of Operations has years of experience and can guide your team in the ABCs of credentialing. Credentialing providers is such an important and often misunderstood task. It would be the first thing a lawyer would ask for in a review of a patient issue, so it is imperative that whoever is handling your credentialing, they need to be extremely detail-oriented. Custom Surgical offers a course on credentialing on If you have concerns about the current state of your credentialing, please reach out and let our team get you back on track. We have various resources that can help.


What if I am only interested in two site visits per year, but additional Zoom meetings as check-ins, is that possible?

Yes, we can customize our compliance plans to suit your needs. With our software, you will constantly be in the know and we can do a scheduled Zoom meeting as needed upon your request.

Can you provide more than one mock survey?

Yes, we can do one 12 months out and plan another at the 3-month out mark to ensure you are ready and alleviate any of your or your team’s anxieties.

Can you help us switch accrediting organizations?

Yes, Custom Surgical has, upon request, assisted in many transitions. We are well-versed in accreditation.

Is your education platform easy to use?

Yes, our team can tailor and customize your program to meet your individual state’s and organization’s needs. If we don’t have a course that you need, we will build it. Our education platform will keep track of who needs what course and when so you can cross that off your list.

Is your compliance software easy to use?

Yes, it is extremely user-friendly and offers a direct line of communication with your project consultant.

Can I do the education and use the software from my phone?

Yes, our education and software for compliance are both easily used on mobile phones through an app.