Fostering a Proactive, Healthy Environment

The 3 Tenets that Serve as the Foundation for a Healthy Work Environment First- what is the difference between the terms Proactive and Reactive environments? I can’t say it enough that staff need to feel empowered to flourish. Providing a proactive environment is paramount. But what does that mean? That means that when something goes… Read More

Why Is it Recommended to Utilize a Consultant When Opening a Surgical Center or Suite?

…And Why is Having a Management Company Advantageous for the First Year of Service? Opening a surgery center is a complex process. If you’re planning to open an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) or adding a surgical suite to an existing practice, chances are you’ve never done so before. This is where Custom Surgical Consultants can… Read More

How Can We Help Keep You in Compliance?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) and Surgical Suites (SS) need to remain up to date with regulations and standards. Remaining in constant compliance is not only vital for ensuring safe patient care, but also to vital for ensuring you remain licensed and accredited. As health care regulations and oversight call for more reporting and transparency, ASCs… Read More

What Goes Into Developing an Office-Based Suite?

Are you considering opening up a surgical suite at your current office? Offering on-site surgical procedures in your office can be a great idea.  Not only can it increase your revenue, but it also gives your patients more convenient treatment options. If you believe you have available space in your practice, let us review to… Read More

Developing an ASC From Start to Finish

If you’re planning on developing an ambulatory surgical center, there’s a specific road ahead busy with planning, strategies and regulation. Opening any kind of business can be risky and ambulatory surgery is no exception.  Surgery enters have more rules and regulations than other kinds of businesses. But you don’t have to do it alone!  Custom… Read More