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ASC Leadership Administrator Track

September 11th – October 30th 2024

Nurse Manager Track

September 12th – October 24th 2024

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On-Demand Courses for ASC Professionals available 24/7 for CEs, AEUs or IPCHs for Infection control

Operationally Speaking Podcast

Tune in to the podcast designed for ASC Leadership, Nurse Managers, and employees of surgery centers or office-based surgery suites

Why Choose The

ASC Leadership Academy?

Our team has successfully launched administrators and nurse managers for the last two decades. The courses we offer as part of our ASC Support Division will allow you to learn the very foundation of your new role. This will enable you to grow more quickly and confidently.

Our knowledgeable team will impart not only the didactic knowledge but will also teach you real world scenarios. You will be learning from the most experienced industry professionals.   Even if you’ve been in your role for a while and would like to level up, these programs are for you.

Meet the Instructors

Our courses will feature a variety of guest speakers with experience and leadership in the ASC industry.

Michael “Mike” Grasham

With 4 decades of experience in the ASC Industry, Mike Grasham has served as an administrator for over 30 years as well as performing as a surgical technician. He is an expert in the field and is experienced in contract negotiations, infection control, and materials management.

Tina DiMarino, DNP, MBA, RN, CNOR, CASC

Tina has extensive experience in the ASC Industry. She has served as administrator and VP of Outpatient Surgical Services for various centers for the last 23 years. She also served as a consultant for the last 20, speaks nationally, and has in-depth knowledge of what it takes to run a center efficiently and effectively, all while creating a healthy work environment.

What to Expect

Courses run concurrent with college semesters, offered in cohort style with both asynchronous and synchronous classes.  Synchronous classes will be offered during the business day at lunchtime and may also be offered in the evening (if preferred).  Synchronous courses will also be recorded and available on-demand to meet your busy schedule.

We deliver a one-class per week format in approximately 1.5-to-2.0-hour blocks. The academy will be fully mentored along the way.

ASC Leadership Academy Advantage


Upon completion of our entry-level program, you will gain the knowledge, resources, and tools necessary to embark on your new role.


Additionally, as part of the learning process, you will end the program with deliverables for your center that give you the experience you will need to fulfill compliance requirements.


The attendee will also have access to our other on-demand courses that offer a wealth of knowledge and information to further complement your training.


No worries, the courses will be recorded and you will be able to review them when it is convenient for you.

You will have access to your mentor for questions throughout the program. In addition, you will have a weekly check in with your mentor.

Typically, you will complete a study, an infection control risk assessment and plan, and a facility risk assessment. You will also learn how to do benchmarking and how to perform a root cause analysis.

Yes, we plan to offer next level classes in the Fall of 2024.


“The courses were easy to understand and very enjoyable!  I feel much more confident in my role as administrator.”


“I liked that I had additional items to take to the governing board as a result of the classes.”