Our company has opened several hybrid model office-based surgery suites. As examples, we have OBL / ASC models; vascular, Office-based practice / ASC models; gyn, urology and ophthalmology, and Office-based surgery suites / ASC for ophthalmology or just Office-based Suites (see our Office-based Suites) page. Some current projects include Cardiac with orthopedics hybrid model, as well as nephrology OBL and ASC.

Our experienced team has been designing new or renovating current spaces for 20 years. We understand the current market and realize that every dollar and every square foot counts. There are several steps to the process that we will guide you through. Our team will complete a feasibility study and share with you best practices for your hybrid combination. We can explore different options and share what works and what does not when it comes to creating this type of model.

After the feasibility, we will bring together your mission and vision to propose the best opportunities for your return on investment. We pull together the big picture and three steps down the road that you may not have considered. Our team has vast experience in strategic planning and have a thorough understanding of the climate in this industry.

Once the decision is made to move forward with this process, our team will outline the timeline for moving forward and will navigate you through the entire process. You will be able to sit back, while we take care of this entire process.

This process includes bringing the initial team together for design and build-out. We will carefully vet experts in the industry to find you the perfect team needed to reach the finish line. Once the build-out process begins, we will assist in ensuring the timeline maintained. We also pride ourselves in managing change-orders. Typically, we can trouble shoot problems as they arise and make decisions that will save money and decrease the impacts to timeline and process.

If this process is a reno, we will work to ensure that there is the least amount of impact on current operations as possible. Additionally, we look for the least expensive way to accomplish what is necessary to perform safe care and meet the standards.

Our team will take care of the documentation necessary to accredit or license this project depending on your current state’s requirements and laws.

We also have a billing partner that you can engage to consider commercial insurance options for global fee capture. If this is an ASC hybrid, they can assist with the ASC billing as well. They are leaders in the industry.

Our leadership team will assist you in finding the right person to lead your center. They will also assist you in finding the right surgical team to get your operations started. Of course, we also offer management options where we would serve as the management team for your suite. We also offer our highly sought after Compliance packages. Our compliance packages keep you in the know at all times. Custom Surgical’s ASCSupport.online site also boasts a complete education platform, forum, and membership site. Our compliance team also communicates with you using a user-friendly platform, that immediately ensures you know where you stand with compliance, and that we are all on the same page.

Custom Surgical’s array of policies, procedures and documents places you in immediate compliance with your accrediting organization and if applicable, CMS. Our team has completed hundreds of successful surveys. We even have a surveyor on our team.

After Custom Surgical assists in bringing together the perfect team, we will assist with getting your first cases completed. You will feel confident knowing you have everything in place to perform surgeries in your own center.

Benefits of starting your own Hybrid Model ASC / Office-based Suite:

  • Control over your surgery schedule
  • Control over your patient’s experience
  • Easier physician schedule for yourself ensuring you more time in your clinic to generate more revenue in your suite.
  • Capture more revenue for your practice.
  • More efficient use of space
  • Best of both worlds ASC when needed, Office-based Suite when it is not!

Benefits of working with Custom Surgical Consultants:

  • Industry leaders for the development hybrid model ASC
  • Experienced partners in the industry for capital equipment
  • Experienced partners in the industry for billing
  • Experienced partners in the industry for marketing
  • Full platform that offers support for you and your team from day one

Call us today to discuss your project. You won’t regret it.

Our team stands ready to look at all your options. Let’s perform the feasibility study and take you through the process to your first cases.

Look at our case study under News, Articles: Discovering Office-Based Cataract Surgery: A Case for the Hybrid Model to read more about our process and the experience of our Office-based Surgery Suite / ASC Hybrid model for Ophthalmology.