Custom Surgical prides itself in the creation and promotion of healthy work environments. Having a healthy work environment fosters positive outcomes in every aspect of your ASC. A healthy work environment impacts your patient’s safety, your staff’s health and retention, and your culture. Custom Surgical’s management division is led by Tina DiMarino, DNP. She has her doctorate in nursing practice with a focus in Executive Leadership from George Washington University and her master’s degree in nursing with a Leadership in Administration focus from Notre Dame of Maryland University. She provides continuing education to her team in leadership and focuses on being proactive and fostering solutions.

Custom Surgical Consultants can help with your management needs. We offer professional management services customized for your specialty and specific requirements. We offer interim and full-term solutions.


As administration, Custom Surgical Consultants will work with your team to ensure the ASC is working safely and efficiently. Our team will adopt your mission and vision to lead. Additionally, we have extensive experience in all business aspects of operating an ASC and will positively impact your bottom line in the process.

Our team has extensive experience in the Ambulatory Surgery Center industry and currently serves as administration for several ASCs.

Our team is well-versed in working with the governing body to carry out the mission and vision of the organization. Our strong knowledge of the regulations and standards, leadership, and each of the foundational areas, QAPI, Risk Management, Patient Safety, Infection Control, and Policy and Procedures, will provide your team with the necessary guidance to carry out efficient surgical days.

We offer temporary administrative packages and can assist you in your quest to hire a new full-time replacement. Custom Surgical Consultants can also assist in the training of your replacement.

Short-term and Long-term administration contracts are available.


For more than 20 years, our team has specialized in Transformational Leadership. A style that fosters a healthy environment. We offer mentoring packages to assist your surgery center manager or administrator in working through the day-to-day challenges of running a center.


Our team has, at one point or another, held every position within an ambulatory surgery center. That said, collaboration and guidance are our forte. On the administrative level, we can provide guidance for quality assurance, risk management, infection control, and functional safety. Our collaboration helps to create more robust programs for your center, no matter the size.

Beginning in September 2023, Custom Surgical Consultants will be offering Administrator Training academies. More details will be announced, but we will help train administrators who may have been elevated from the clinical manager positions. This will help ensure a smoother transition.


If we like what you do for our center in terms of management, can we keep you on full-time?

Yes, our contracts offer flexibility and a means to stay on as administration. This will afford your center administration with over 65 years of combined experience and counting.

I only need someone for 3-months while my administrator is out on maternity leave or FMLA—do you have a package for this?

Yes, we can do contracts for as little as 3 months to several years. As in our name- we will customize our services to suit your needs.