Custom Surgical prides itself in the creation and promotion of healthy work environments. Having a healthy work environment fosters positive outcomes for every aspect of the ASC, including your patients. Part of that process is ensuring that your surgery center is properly managed at all times. Custom Surgical Consultants can help – we offer professional management services based on your practice’s needs. Keep reading to learn how we can help keep your ASC running smoothly – from development and far beyond.


As administration, CSC will work with your team to ensure the ASC is working safely and efficiently. We also believe in healthy bottom lines. Our team has extensive experience in the Ambulatory Surgery Center industry and currently serve as administration to several ASCs.

We also offer temporary administration packages, if you are between administrators. Custom Surgical can help you find, hire and assist in the training of your replacement. Short-term and Long-term administration contracts are available.


Our team specializes in Transformational Leadership. A style that fosters healthy environments. We offer mentoring packages to assist your surgery center manager or administrator in working through the day-to-day challenges of running a center.


Our team has, at one point or another, held every position within an ambulatory surgery center. That said, collaboration and guidance is our forte. On the administrative level, we can provide guidance for quality assurance, risk management, infection control, and functional safety. Our collaboration helps to create more robust programs for your center, no matter the size.