Custom Surgical Community has been developed to network office based surgery suites and ambulatory surgery centers across the nation.  The online forum is free an open to anyone currently working in either of these types of centers.   Members include surgeons, administrators, executives, nurse leaders, nursing staff, surgical technicians, SPD personnel, materials managers and any other employee title that may have been missed!

In our travels, our consultants have expressed a need for this type of forum.   There are many facilities out there who do not belong to any associations and may not easily have access to ambulatory surgery center or office based surgery resources.    Custom Surgical is offering this service.    The forum is monitored by our skilled consultants and together with our network of highly skilled professionals will support one another.

Any question or concern pertaining to any level or type of surgery or service is permissible.  From accreditation questions or compliance questions to infection control issues or the procurement of supplies and equipment, no issue, question or concern will go unanswered.   And if we can’t – we will direct you to where you might find the answers.

Please join the forum and network today!