Let us help you get down to the business of operations! Let’s face it, All daily operational processes impact the bottom line.

With Custom Surgical’s decades of experience, we have honed the most efficient processes over time. Our knowledge of every specialty, process, expense, and revenue stream, affords us a unique perspective when reviewing your center. We take nothing for granted and will dive into each area without any bias.

Let our team help you update and streamline your processes. Custom Surgical utilizes current, evidence-based best practices to affect change to increase the bottom line for your center. We can provide a detailed report of our review that will let you scrutinize areas that may be improved and alleviate inefficiencies.

We have all heard the saying “because it’s always been done this way.” That does not need to be the case in your center. Call us today for a discussion to see what our team can do for you.


Our team can review your clinical and business processes, contracts, patient throughput, vendors, staffing models, and more to determine where you are performing and where positive changes can be implemented. Our team will provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings along with solutions to assist in the improvement.


Our knowledgeable team can review your current financial status. Our industry knowledge and work with many centers gives us a solid perspective for best practices. We also have leading industry partners who can audit your RCM cycle and billing and coding practices to determine where you may be missing out on reimbursements.


Our team has experience in creating strategic plans and designing SMART goals. If you are ready to take your center to the next level, contact us and we can help. We understand the current climate of our ASC industry and can guide you accordingly.

Custom Surgical can help you with the recruitment of new physicians, developing partnerships, and retention of your current physicians. Our consultants have experience in and know how to grow your center to maximize profitability.

Our team can assist with the implementation of new service lines. We can assist with break-even analysis, capital procurement, and determining if the new addition will provide you with a strategic edge.


Our team can assist you with benchmarking and determining which metrics will be most important for your organization. Custom Surgical has vast experience and many resources and can provide guidance for understanding the metrics and determining any areas for improvement.


In addition to the performance analysis, can Custom Surgical perform a mock survey?

Yes, we specialize in performing mock surveys and providing a comprehensive report of our findings.

In addition to the credentialing files, can Custom Surgical provide guidance on our personnel files?

Yes, our team can perform an extensive analysis of all of your files and ensure that you are keeping them in accordance with state, CMS, and accreditation standards.

Can Custom Surgical offer advice or review our current strategic plan?

Yes, our team can review your current strategic plan and assist in the development of additional goals and objectives. We can also help you update it to get your goals more efficiently.

I am only interested in your benchmarking; do you offer a package for benchmarking?

Yes, our services can be customized to your needs. We offer many services in an a la carte manner.