ASC Leadership Academy Course: Administer Track. Enrolling Now for Sept 11th - Oct 30th

Fundamentals for the Role of Administrator

These courses are targeted for the beginner administrator or those who want to Level UP in their current Role. All courses will be completely engaging and interactive with plenty of opportunities to have questions answered. Eligible to earn 6.0 hours of AEUs.

Emerge from this curriculum with a solid foundation. Industry administrators fully mentor this program for one year. Attendees will finish the curriculum with deliverables for the center, such as a beginning QA study, IC Plan and Assessment, and Facility Risk Assessment.

Our 8-week Curriculum will cover all the basics you need to understand the role and have a solid foundation upon completion. All courses will be delivered live at 11:00 am and end at 12:30 pm EST. If you miss a course, they will be available on demand.

The courses will be taught by leaders in the industry who are well-versed in the topics.

Course Schedule:

9/11/2024: An overview of the Role and Responsibilities of being an Administrator

Description: This course will outline the various responsibilities that come along with running an ambulatory surgery center. The curriculum will dive into the CMS Conditions for Coverage and common standards:

  • How to handle an inspection
  • How to manage the various departments such as Quality Assurance, Infection Control, Risk Management, and Patient Safety
  • Life Safety
  • How your leadership and business acumen will develop with experience

9/18/2024: A Deep Dive into the State Operations Manual and CMS Conditions for Coverage

Description: This course will go over the entire State Operations manual so the learner will walk away with a solid understanding of what is expected and what the surveyors will be looking for when they visit.

9/25/2024: Leadership; What is your style?

Description: This course will go over various leadership styles and provide a foundational understanding of looking inward to understand ones’ own style and how to develop a leadership style that will enable a healthy work environment.

10/02/2024: Finance: The numbers and what do they mean?

Description: This course will cover the basics of finance and accounting as they relate specifically to the surgery center. What is the P&L, what benchmarks should be used and how do we affect the numbers to create a healthy bottom line without sacrificing patient care?

10/09/2024: Quality Assurance and Infection Control; Covering the Basics for Both Programs

Description: This course will cover the Quality Assurance and Infection Control programs and how to effectively use them within the center, to ensure high-quality care. This course will also focus on studies and how to come up with topics to study.

10/16/2024: Risk Management and Patient Safety; The Basics

Description: This course will cover the important topics of Patient Safety and Risk Management. We will dive into minimizing risk, performing root cause analysis, and ensuring patient safety and compliance within the center.

10/23/2024: Surviving and Thriving in the Role; The Art of Delegation and Communication

Description: This course will provide pearls for success in this role. Delegation and Communication are paramount and must be honed for success. We will cover these topics in detail.

10/30/2024: Finishing Strong: Panel Discussion

Description: Throughout the program, we will be asking for other topics of interest to cover. This course will be an immersive discussion with the group to answer questions and cover anything that was missed throughout the program. We will cover the mentoring program for moving forward and conclude the program! As a bonus; we will touch on best practices for time management to keep yourself at your best.

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