Custom Surgical presented in Nashville, Tenn. at the ASCA 2019 conference. Tina DiMarino presented with Debra Stinchcomb on Quality improvement and Benchmarking. This lecture was live-streamed for ASCA members.

Tina covered foundational information regarding quality improvement.  Her presentation went on to cover step-by-step instructions for completing a quality improvement study based on AAAHCs method, as theirs is the most prescriptive.   Tina covered the use of a communication tool that assists in creating a more robust program.  In ambulatory surgery, we know that if it is not documented, it was not done.   ASCs need to ensure that they are documenting all of the good work they’re doing in quality improvement.  She discussed the challenges for both the smaller ambulatory surgery centers and challenges that the larger institutions face.   Tina provided anyone interested a draft of the notification report tool.  This is an easy tool to use and in some cases, can serve as a quality improvement study for CMS purposes.   If you are interested in the tool, please fill out a contact us on the Custom Surgical website and Tina will provide it to you.   She has received much positive feedback on its use.   In addition to the communication tool, Tina discussed tips for coming up with quality improvement studies as this is often challenging in ambulatory surgery centers.   She covered all as aspects of this topic to assist with ambulatory surgery center compliance.

Benchmarking was presented by Debra.   She discussed how to take this information and benchmark it either externally or internally.   These are such important topics for ambulatory surgery centers. Quality improvement and benchmarking are both required elements for accreditation.

While at the meeting, Tina DiMarino attended the state leadership meeting. This 4-hour meeting brings together ambulatory surgery center leaders from across the country to discuss leadership and state issues that affect ambulatory surgery. Tina DiMarino serves on the board of the Maryland Ambulatory Surgery Association and was in attendance with the president of the organization in Maryland, Andrea Hyatt and a fellow Maryland board member, Angela Robinson.

This meeting discussed ways to get ambulatory surgery centers involved in both their state associations and then the national association.   As ambulatory surgery center leaders, it is important to be proactive and to get involved.   Many of the state associations advocate for bills that help ASCs flourish and also stand up to bills that may cause financial harm to ambulatory surgery centers.    While on the national level, ASCA continues to be an ambulatory surgery center’s largest proponent and largest voice.   If you are a leader for your center or an employee wanting to get involved, seek out the information for your state association or reach out to ASCA to get involved.  Not only will it keep you up to date with all of the current trends in ambulatory surgery, it will give you an opportunity to network.  Networking is a great tool to help leaders and employees of ambulatory surgery centers find the answers they need, find supplies (as well as those that may be on back order) or find the best prices or vendors for services.

Get involved on your state level and national association levels for ambulatory surgery… you won’t be disappointed!

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