…And Why is Having a Management Company Advantageous for the First Year of Service?

Opening a surgery center is a complex process. If you’re planning to open an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) or adding a surgical suite to an existing practice, chances are you’ve never done so before.

This is where Custom Surgical Consultants can help! They are highly experienced professionals in the Surgical industry and can help you put together everything you need right from the start.

Custom Surgical Consultant’s management program goes far beyond helping you get started because having an experienced and knowledgeable administration team from day one, can help put you in the black more quickly.

There are two big areas where a management program is vital. This is as administration and for training.


The purpose of having a contract with our administration team is making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently from day one. This includes our ability to mentor and teach. Having our services for the first year means we can teach your ASC leadership the ropes.

Often times, administrative personnel are hired from the hospital, such as Nurse Managers. The hospital environment is completely different from the ASC environment. This needs to be understood from day one or it could cost your ASC a lot in expenses! Our team has mentored many hospital managers in the ASC environment to stave off bringing the hospital mentality into the ASC. ASCs must be frugal and efficient in order to be operational.

We also offer start-up management packages where we assist in recruiting your administrator.  Whatever path you choose, there are some key components that every surgery center needs.


Our experienced professionals can help you understand your finances, profit and expense reports. Additionally, with our experience in the industry, we know how to achieve financial efficiency in the least expensive manner. This ultimately increases your bottom line.


One of the toughest parts of running a surgery center for the first time is making sure you’re in compliance. Staying in compliance helps you become and stay accredited.


Having a staff that has the right training for the job is vital for a surgery center to run safely and efficiently. Without the right training, your staff can’t succeed. A management plan can help establish the needed training programs.


Clinical training is especially important if you’re adding a surgery suite to an existing practice. A management program can help train new and existing staff in standard clinical procedures.

If you have staff who have never worked in a surgical environment before, proper clinical training is what ensures your center a more seamless accreditation process.

Customer Service

Customer service is an often overlooked component in medical practices. But good customer service is necessary for your surgery center to succeed.

A management program can help train your staff to ensure that your patients feel welcome and supported in your surgical facility.


Making sure your staff knows standard procedures when it comes to risk management, infection control, and clinical safety not only keeps your center compliant, but it keeps both your employees and patients happy and safe.

A management program will make sure your staff knows everything that is required to be safe and assure patient satisfaction.

Have more questions about the importance of having a management program when opening a surgery center? Request a consultation with Custom Surgical Consultants today!

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